How Games are killing the childhood of new generation kids


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Nowadays, we could see only a minor volume of children’s playing outdoor games .We can see clearly point out that it is the video games that are depriving kids to go out and play. By only playing video games , their health is also becoming wasted.Sitting on a computer has made most of the kids to wear spectacles and there were also many cases which needs operations and other high on cost treatments.

What should parents do to reduce this harmful effects of gaming, which all of the kids are very much fond of ?

Restrict kids from having mobile phone or restrict the time period that they use to play.  Buy mobile phones for them only when they reach the age of 18 or more.Speak to them and inform them how much  harm is caused  by playing games on mobile or laptop .  Set the time to watch TV or use a mobile phone for your kids. Let him play some outdoor games or board games instead of the virtual ones .Also try to  play with them to keep their attention towards outdoor games.Put up a password or lock pattern on your mobile phones or now you can also put fingerprint and never let your kid pick up your mobile phone without your permission. Never put television or video games in your kids’ room. Put them away in a separate room or say a common room or hall would be better . Strictly ask your kid to put away the phone or video game away while having a meal or doing any other tech-free activity. Never allow him to bring the mobile phone or video game in his bedroom.Sit beside your kids whenever he is using a mobile phone. Keep a watch whatever he’s doing. But not letting him know.

Never let your kid’s childhood be fully occupied by the technology. There’s much more out there with Mother Nature. And believe me, in those green lawns and soil, he’s going to learn better.Even the parents have to reduce the usage of cell phones , either you can switch to land phones when at home. Usage of phones in front of your  kid also can create a hatred in their minds.If you could’t restrict them always try to avoid the harm by buying them protective glasses.But that’s not all a solution for it.You have to convince them to avoid it at any cost, because a healthy future is very much good than an a virtual pleasure in the present.

It’s the other kids, whose parents who weren’t tough enough and bought them one, who is fond of showing off with it and cause your kid to want it. At the end of the day, it’s us, parents, who are looking for an easy way out and that’s bit difficult considering time we could manage or other issues. Call me old-fashioned, but kids should be out having fun at playing outdoors and not slicing the fruit in “Fruit Ninja” all day at all. Kids should be playing basketball outside and not spending time “running” at “Temple Run.” I see less and less kids outside nowadays doing kid stuff and hanging around with friends; each one “buried” into his phone and of course this is not what childhood should look like.

kids don’t need a phone at all you can buy them tablet with WiFi only version for their studies .But still have restrict them from using that also as is could harm their eyes.



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